"I would not endorse any product if I did not think it would help golfers improve their games. The PRO-HEAD® TRAINER helps golfers maintain a steady head. It will definitely help you play better golf and that's a promise."

Martin Hall

2008 PGA Teacher of the Year

“Simplicity is the key to a repeatable golf swing. I found that the PRO-HEAD® TRAINER provides my students the opportunity to break old habits and to build a simple and efficient swing by holding their heads as steady as possible. The PRO-HEAD® TRAINER helps them to maintain critical angles when swinging the club.”

Lou Guzzi

2013 National PGA Teacher of the Year

"The PGA of America calls it 'centeredness,' the golfing machine calls it a 'stationary head' and average golfers call it 'keep your head down.' No matter what you call it, you want your students to make it a part of their swing. Stop making them come back time after time to tell them that they don't have it down yet. Instead, provide them with the feedback they need to learn the skill and keep it. The PRO-HEAD® unit does just that. Get one for your practice area and encourage those who need this help to get one for their back yard. It is a training aid that can pay you back, both in the form of happy students and in referral commissions. Plus if you are creative, you can use it in many other ways."

Dom DiJulia

GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher and Golf Digest Top 20 Teacher Under 40

"Over many years of instructing golfers at all levels of ability, the most serious error I observed is the golfer's inability to keep their head steady and behind the ball through impact. It is natural to want to look up to see where the shot is going. To give the golfer actual feedback about head movement, I would place the grip end of a club onto the golfer's head and have the golfer take several swings. The PRO-HEAD® TRAINER offers this same feedback, but only better. PRO-HEAD will help all golfers to keep their heads steady and not come off the ball prior to impact. This is one of the essential reasons for using this training aid."

Jake Zastko

PGA Professional and former NJ State Champion

“I find myself using the PRO-HEAD® TRAINER many times during the day for most of my golf lessons. It definitely makes the golfer aware of a steady head and for maintaining the spine angle. It gives instant feedback to the golfer as to whether or not the golfer is doing exactly that. This in turn, increases the golfer’s ability to adequately turn, while the arms are swinging upward into the backswing.” 

“As instructors we are constantly educating our students on the many and different aspects of the swing they need to understand, learn and eventually own, to achieve consistency and confidence. These other aspects can be taught and better learned when the “foundation of your house,” namely a steady head and a constant spine angle are in place. In my opinion, the PRO-HEAD® TRAINER is one of my most important tools to use for the rapid development of a sound golf swing for my students.”

Thomas J. Jaeger

Director of Instruction at the Spring Meadow GC in Farmingdale, NJ

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