Sationary version of our Pro-Head 2 model. 
Ideal for training in your garage or in the garden. Can be set up on any wall or a thick tree.
Provides exactly the same feedback as Pro-Head 2 Trainer.


BEST STEADY HEAD AND SPINE ANGLE SWING TRAINER ON THE MARKET - Backed up by over 20 years of research and development, the PRO-HEAD trainer is proven to be the MOST ADVANCED and COMPLETE golf trainer available. Unique and patented design, engineered by golf industry professionals and endorsed by PGA Teachers of the Year Martin Hall, Lou Guzzi and other top coaches and pros. You get professional quality and long-term durability with a complete 2-year warranty.


DESIGNED FOR INSTANT SWING IMPROVEMENT - Start training today and immediately get the feel of staying down with a steady head. The PRO-HEAD wall trainer will help you to maintain your spine angle and keep your head behind the ball through impact. This swing training aid offers instant tactile feedback, which helps the brain to develop the motor and muscle memory to break common faulty swing habits. Follow the included exercise guide for faster results and impress your playing partners.

PERFECT FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS AND AGES - Whether you are a beginner or an advanced golfer, this personal all-in one trainer is ideal for all skill levels (single digit handicap to 25 and higher), all ages, kids and adults, men and women, all body builds, right and left handed players. The PRO-HEAD easily adjusts to any height and body weight. Suitable for practicing alone or with an instructor, coach or teacher.


ATTACHES QUICKLY AND EASILY USING JUST 4 SCREWS - The screws and assembly instructions included will help you to attach the Wall Trainer to a wall or a tree in minutes. Hangs vertically when not in use thereby taking up very little space. Buy 2 and set up one indoors and one outdoors! Our golf trainer is made with weather resistant components for years of use.

TRAIN INDOOR OR OUTDOOR ALL YEAR AROUND - Practice your swing indoors or outdoors, with or without a golf club or hitting balls. You can now train at home, in your office, garage, garden, on your terrace. Start a new season in better shape with the necessary confidence to lower your scores and handicap. Break your faulty swing habits! Strike the ball like a pro! Add this amazing and proven trainer to your cart NOW!




PRO-HEAD Trainer - Mounted Model

SKU: WM123
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  • Construction Details

    The PRO-HEAD Mounted model uses the same arm, hat assembly and foam hitting attachments as the PRO-HEAD Portable Model. The mounting bracket is made from heavy duty galvanized steel for a lifetime of use. Four stainless steel screws are supplied for easy mounting of the bracket and the Height Adjusting Plate to a wall stud or tree.

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PRO-HEAD 2 TRAINER® are patented products designed to maintain spine angles and keep golfers' heads behind the ball through impact.


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