The PRO-HEAD® Sandbag is made of a heavyweight 600 Denier material that will hold 30+ pounds of sand. It has a pull cord closure for easy pick up and transport.


The Sandbag ships empty. Sand can be purchased for about $4 at Home Depot, Lowe's or your local garden center.


Although the base of the PRO-HEAD® 2 TRAINER can easily be filled with water or sand, some users find it more convenient to place the filled sandbag on top of the base. The bag is then removed when the Trainer is to be transported and can be replaced for immediate use.


The sandbag can also be used to add extra stability to the PRO-HEAD® 2 TRAINER or any other device that needs weight for stability.


Shipping Details

Shipping is $4.00 to the contiguous United States.


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    PRO-HEAD 2 TRAINER® are patented products designed to maintain spine angles and keep golfers' heads behind the ball through impact.


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