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Golf Swing Spine Angle Drill

Ten Minutes a Day Will Train You to Maintain Your Spine Angle and Keep a Steady Head For Golf

Golf experts tell us that to improve one’s swing, golfers must first gain a repeatable swing. Golfers must learn to swing pretty much the same way with every swing and with every club. Yes the swing plane may vary from driver to wedge. But the take away, backswing, transition, impact, release and follow through remain pretty much the same. These aspects of the swing must rotate around a steady head, a head that remains behind the ball through impact. And golfers must maintain their spine angles.

Experts also tell us that faulty head movement may be the most prevalent reason for high handicaps and missed shots. Faulty head movement affects golfers at all skill levels, even the touring Pros from time to time. Here is a photo that shows Teaching Pro Claude Brauchand reminding Stuart Cink to keep his head steady. The photo was taken two weeks before Cink won the British Open in 2009. After his win, Cink sent Claude a letter thanking Claude for reminding him to keep a steady head.

Claude Brauch and reminding Stuart Cink to keep a steady head

To develop a repeatable swing with a steady head, golfers have to get the feel of a steady head. To get this feel, golfers must swing with their heads on a fixed reference point. Claude provided this fixed reference point with the grip end of his club as shown in the photo. When he was Tiger Woods caddie, Stevie Williams used the same technique with Tiger. And Pro Jack Grout provided a fixed reference point for young Jack Nicklaus when he grabbed Nicklaus by his hair, held tightly for three hours and made Jack hit balls.

The PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer has been called by Pros and Teachers a “mechanical Jack Grout.”

Try thisGolfers can place their foreheads on the foam cylinder affixed to a height adjustable arm and swing around their steady heads until they get that feel. Frequent repetitions are necessary to get this feel and short periods of ten minutes per day for 30 days, will ensure that golfers will be able to transfer that steady head to the course. The more often you swing and exercise with a steady head, the more repeatable and consistent will be your swing.

Check out the PRO-HEAD 2 Golf Swing Trainer.

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