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Head Position In Golf Swing

Do You See The Golf Ball At Impact?

Almost every good golfer is able to see the ball at impact. Just look at the pictures of the golfers’ swings on this page.

From every angle you will see that the good golfer’s head is still in back of or over the ball until well after impact. Whether or not s/he actually sees the ball at impact is not the key. Some top golfers say they see the path of the clubhead. Others say they see the ball by feel. The key is that the head is still back of or behind the ball at impact and until well after impact. Most professional golfers will say that they do see the ball or the path of the clubhead as they strike the ball.

Where is your head at impact? Do you see the ball? Most high handicap golfers will say that they do not see the ball at impact. Why? There are many reasons. The first is probably that the high handicap golfer, who does not often hit perfect shots, wants to see where the ball is going. S/he wants to see if the ball is headed toward the pin. S/he does not want to lose the ball. So as a result, the head of the high handicap golfer comes up and moves ahead of the impact zone, long (milliseconds) before it should. The result: a topped ball, a “fat” hit, a hit behind the ball, a slice, a shank, perhaps even a complete whiff…..total frustration, leading to additional missed hits and a poor round.

What to do? No easy answer, but there is help. The average golfer has learned certain components of her/his golf swing through muscle memory. We are creatures of habit. Habit becomes consistent and muscles memorize those habits be they right or wrong habits. For most high handicap golfers, it can be concluded that their muscles have memorized incorrect habits and/or movements. And therein lies the reason for high handicaps. So where and what is the help?

The “where” is in developing new muscle memory. Muscle memory is developed over time through repetition of the desired performance or optimal motion. There is no set number of repetitions, but certainly, the more repetitions of the desired performance, the greater the probability that the desired performance or optimal motion will be “memorized.” That desired performance or optimal motion has to be defined. One cannot “think” their way into that desired performance. It might even have to be coerced. Muscle memory really works but requires patience and dedicated practice.

There are several training aids and swing trainers available to the golfer that are specifically aimed at accelerating muscle memory for a better golf swing. Perhaps the most successful of these are the Medicus and the Swing Jacket. Both aids “coerce” the golfer into the optimal swing motion. But as good as these aids are, they do not coerce or even help the golfer to see the ball at impact.The PRO-HEAD® trainer does. PRO-HEAD® is the only training aid yet developed that helps the golfer keep her/his head down, or back and/or behind the ball. This device sets up the most optimal head position in golf swing.

pro head 2 golf swing trainer

With PRO-HEAD you can practice whenever you want, with or without a golf ball, until you reinforce and learn the muscle memory that will enable you to see the golf ball at impact.

Written by staff of Forever Better Golf, Inc.

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