• Larry Moss

NJ Senior golfer corrects his sway with the PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer. He is again enjoying the game.

At almost 78 years of age, and playing from the forward markers, "straight" is super important to my game. But over the last 18 months, I have had trouble controlling the ball. Golf has not been quite as much fun as it once was. I tried correcting all kinds of swing faults I could think of. For me it was the "swaying" that was causing me to lose control.

I heard about the PRO-HEAD 2 TRAINER, bought one and gave it a try. I did not even realize that I was swaying FORWARD as well as BACKWARD, which can cause the hands to get ahead of the ball and preventing the club face from getting back to square.

The PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer quickly revealed these swaying flaws as well as others. I could NOT be more delighted with the product. I am hitting the ball straight again and again enjoying the game. Thank you PRO-HEAD. It was well worth the $199.

#fixmysway #hittheballstraight

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