• Bob Doyle, President of Forever Better Golf, Inc.


Once you get the feel of keeping your head steady and maintaining your spine angle, you then need to consistently repeat that feeling. The new PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer accelerates and helps develop the desired muscle memory to give you that consistency. AND YOU CAN EXERCISE AND SWING ANYWHERE EVEN WITHOUT HITTING BALLS, TO MAINTAIN THAT FEELING AND EASILY TRANSFER IT TO THE COURSE.


To get the “feel” of seeing the golf ball or path of the club head at impact, of keeping your head behind the ball through the impact zone, of maintaining your spine angle and having a full follow through, try this 60 second challenge.

If outdoors, place a tee in the ground. If indoors, in your living room or garage, make certain the ceiling is high enough to allow for a full swing. Place a coin on the floor. With your five iron or hybrid in your usual grip, take your normal stance and address the tee or coin as if a ball were on it. Now ask a buddy (or your spouse) to reach out and grab you by your hair or hold firmly onto your head or golf hat, so there will be no movement to your head, as you take a slow but full practice swing. Make a complete follow through while your head is still being held firmly. There should be little of no movement of your head until after your arms are fully extended and are well past the tee or coin. At that point your helper can allow your head to come up, as it is pushed up by your right shoulder (if right handed). But your head should still remain behind the ball.

A. If you were able to watch the path of the clubhead as it moved over the tee or coin……and you were able to maintain your spine angle throughout your swing…….and you were able to keep your head behind the tee or coin through the impact zone, such that you had a new or different and better “feel” in your swing, then….the PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer will definitely help you improve your swing and lower your handicap.

B. If nothing at all felt differently to you, you probably are already a low handicap golfer. The PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer may not be for you. There are times however, when even the accomplished golfer, falls into a slump and no “fix” seems to work. There is a good chance that you are slightly coming out of your swing, or moving your head slightly. The PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer will help you get back in your groove.

C. If you failed any of the feeling tests mentioned in A. above, you may not yet have gained a consistent swing of any kind. You may want to train and exercise with the PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer until you gain some consistency in your swing; i.e some repeatability to all aspects of your swing.

The PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer is for ALL golfers who are serious about improving their swings, gaining consistency, and lowering their scores.

To learn more about the PRO-HEAD® trainer, click here.

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