• Bob Doyle, President of Forever Better Golf, Inc.


The recently launched, new and improved PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer offers golfers and golf instructors four useful improvements over the original model.

1. The foam cylinder easily rotates into a vertical or horizontal position by simply pressing two compression buttons and turning the lower arm 90 degrees. Between the two positions of the cylinder, golfers can get instant feedback on ANY head movement.

Or they can place their heads on either side of the vertical foam cylinder to correct a faulty forward head movement or backward head movement.

This vertical position of the foam cylinder is also useful for golfers who utilize the “power squat.” Such skilled golfers will get instant feedback on how much their heads are moving down and away from the foam, as they enter into their power squat impact zone.

2. The engraved height adjusting holes are lettered from A to S so that golfers can easily replace the height strut into the lettered hole for their correct and desired posture height.

3. The additional height adjusting holes Q, R and S, were added to the lower pole so that the foam cylinder can be lowered to the height of a golfer’s butt. By putting the PH2T behind you and putting your butt against the foam, you can get feedback on whether you are ‘early extending’. Use this feature to avoid early extension and keep your spine angle, eliminate sway, and pivot correctly. Lou Guzzi, 2013 National PGA Teacher of the Year, refers to this feature as TTC or Total Tush Control.”

4. The PH2T is 54” high and weighs only 15 pounds so that it can easily be carried, moved and used anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Golfers can exercise, train or swing, with or without a club, with or without hitting real or plastic balls.

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