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Young Golfers Improve Their Golf Swings With the PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer

Pro Zack Anderton offers golf lessons at Palm Beach County’s Okeeheelee Golf Course in West Palm Beach, FL. Zack also spends much time with the Junior Golf Foundation of America (JGFA), founded by LPGA Pro Donna White and PGA Pro Bobby Brown in 1995. The mission of the JGFA is to provide all children the opportunity to learn and play the game of golf.

Ten year old Jack Nicklaus learned the importance of keeping his head behind the ball through impact from his Pro Jack Grout. Grout grabbed young Jack by his hair, held tightly and made Jack hit balls for three hours until Jack cried. Utilizing the same technique, but without the hair grabbing, Bob Doyle invented and introduced the PRO-HEAD Trainer.

Recognizing the value of the Grout technique, Zack Anderton utilizes the PRO-HEAD Trainer with his Junior Golfers. Shown below are two of his juniors improving their swings with the PRO-HEAD Trainer. Golfers, even these young golfers, are able to adjust the height of the foam cylinder, to their set up height. Set up or posture heights can range from 3’ to 6’-6.” Ages can range from 6 to 80.

The golfer then must maintain slight pressure with their foreheads against the foam, through their backswing, transition, downswing, release and well into their follow through. The foam cylinder offers the same fixed reference point as did Jack Grout’s handful of Nicklaus’ hair. Zack said that “the youngsters line up to use the PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer.”

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