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Testing out the @ProHead2Trainer

This video shows a golfer using the Pro-Head 2 Trainer and getting instant feedback of his faulty head movement. Watch closely as the golfer starts his transition and downswing. You will see his head back away from the foam cylinder, thereby losing his spine angle. To correct this fault, the golfer must make repetitions of his swing, with or without hitting balls, while maintaining slight pressure with his forehead against the foam. Soon this swing will become natural to him and he will maintain his spine angle and keep a steady head.

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Thought I would pass on this comment from Larry Moss, golfer from Wall, NJ, received May 29, 2017. “I heard about the PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer and gave it a try. Feedback was eye-opening and instantaneous.

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PRO-HEAD 2 TRAINER® are patented products designed to maintain spine angles and keep golfers' heads behind the ball through impact.


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