• Bob Doyle, President of Forever Better Golf, Inc.

New and improved PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer is now in stock and ready for immediate shipment

Forever Better Golf Inc. is pleased to report that the new and improved PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer is now in stock at our fulfillment center and is ready for immediate shipment.

The redesign, improvements and required manufacturing quality checks took longer than anticipated.But we are certain you will find the new product to have been worth the wait.

Above is a silhouette photo of the new PH2T showing some of the improvements. As with the original PRO-HEAD Trainer the PH2T comes with both the Foam and the Hat Attachments. A FREE sand bag is also included to make it easy to move the unit, which weighs only 15 pounds when not filled with water or sand.

Good news also is that the new PH2T is less expensive, as FREE shipping is included for the 48 contiguous states.

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