• Bob Doyle, President of Forever Better Golf, Inc.

Five Tips for Using Your Pro-Head Trainer

These were taped at the Ibis Golf and Country Club, with Martin Hall and Bob Doyle.

Tip 1 – Short game practice.

You can use the Pro-Head Trainer for your short game practice as well as the full swing. That includes putting, chips, and short and medium pitches. After all, your head has to stay still for the short game, too. Martin Hall shows you how to practice.

Tip 2 – Importance of spine angle.

Maintaining spine angle is important; we all know that by now. But exactly how much spine angle is optimum? Martin Hall shows us.

Tip 3 – What if your posture is too low?

If your spine angle is too horizontal, your club path will be too much from the inside to out. Martin Hall demonstrates.

Tip 4 – What if your posture is too upright?

If you are standing too straight at impact, your swing will be outside to in — often called “over the top”. Martin Hall demonstrates.

Tip 5 – Transporting the PRO-HEAD.

The Pro-Head Trainer knocks down easily for transport in the back seat of any car. Bob Doyle shows how easy it is. He says it takes a minute or two, but it takes him less than 20 seconds here.

PRO-HEAD® will enable you to hit more solid shots and lower your handicap…guaranteed.

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