• Bob Doyle, President of Forever Better Golf, Inc.


Toms River, NJ – The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted a second patent to Robert S. (Bob) Doyle, of Toms River, NJ for his Sports Training Apparatus to Help Athletes Improve Their Swings. The device can be used not only for golf but for other sports requiring hand-eye coordination and a steady head at impact.

The first patent, granted in 2010 enabled Forever Better Golf Inc. DBA as PRO-HEAD GOLF, to launch its flagship product, the PRO-HEAD Golf Trainer. The device quickly caught on with golfers, golf Professionals and Instructors.

The PRO-HEAD Trainer was fully endorsed by Martin Hall, the 2009 PGA Golf Instructor of the Year, and currently the Teacher on Golf Channel’s weekly School of Golf. Martin can be seen demonstrating the PRO-HEAD Trainer on the company’s web site at www.pro-head.com.

Doyle thanks Patent Attorney Clifford Frayne of Brick, NJ for his diligent work with the USPTO in acquiring both patents. The new patent incorporates design improvements and enables the device to be used for baseball, softball, hockey and tennis. All athletes, juniors and seniors, male and female, of any height or weight, left or right handed can improve their swings by practicing with PRO-HEAD Trainers.

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