• Bob Doyle, President of Forever Better Golf, Inc.

Free – LEARN GOLF – Clinic offered by PRO-HEAD GOLF

Toms River, NJ – Toms River and nearby residents can get into golf by attending the FREE LEARN GOLF Clinic on Thursday, Oct. 27 at 7:00 p.m. at the Toms River Sports Academy, located at 1825 Hooper Avenue, behind Rand’s Plaza. The Free clinic is co-sponsored by the Toms River Sports Academy and Forever Better Golf, Inc.

The LEARN GOLF Clinic is designed to acquaint people with the sport in a beginner friendly environment. It is a great program and opportunity for somebody that has always wanted to pick up the game of golf, but never had the time to do so because of their careers or family responsibilities.

“It is also a way for somebody to get back into the game of golf,” said Bob Doyle, USGTF Instructor and President of Forever Better Golf Inc. “This is also a benefit to Toms River as we are continuing our focus on teaching baseball/softball and now golf and all within our community” said Jim Domino, President of the Toms River Sports Academy.

Forever Better Golf and the Toms River Sports Academy have been hosting these FREE clinics since June and the clinics have been booked to capacity each time. Participants are taught the basics of a full golf swing and hit real balls at the indoor facility. After the first lesson, the beginner can determine if she/he wants to proceed.

Subsequent lessons are held at nearby golf courses, where chipping, pitching and putting are taught as well as safety and etiquette.

From the beginner to re-beginner to the experienced golfer, the LEARN GOLF Clinic is a great way to get back into the game. Space is limited to a first come basis so please enroll early.

For more information or to sign up for the clinic, contact Bob Doyle at 732-678-5244, or email bobd@foreverbettergolf.com.

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