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Improve Your Swing with the PRO-HEAD Trainer says Dom DiJulia

Happy to report that Golf Digest and Golf Magazine Top Instructor, Dom DiJulia bought a PRO-HEAD Trainer, likes it and uses it at his Golf Academy. Here is what Dom had to say: “The PGA of America calls it ‘centeredness.’ The Golfing Machine calls it a ‘stationary head’ and the average golfers calls it ‘keep you head down’. No matter what you call ‘it,’ you want your students to make ‘it’ a permanent part of their game. Stop making them come back time after time to tell them that they don’t have it down yet. Instead, provide them with the feedback they need to learn the skill and keep it. The “Pro-Head Trainer” does just that. Get one for your practice area and encourage those who need this help to get one for their back yard. Plus if you are creative, you can use it in many ways to improve different aspects of the golf swing.”

Dom DiJulia, Director, DiJulia Golf Academy, www.dijuliagolf.com

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