• Bob Doyle, President of Forever Better Golf, Inc.

Importance of golf swing lag for distance and control

Here is some good info on LAG, offered by Rod Stanger, GOLF MAGAZINE Top Teacher and recently published in the DESERT SUN.

“If you have ever snapped a whip or thrown a ball, you have felt “LAG”. If you learn how to do it in the golf swing, you can generate more power and control. LAG creates a whip-like effect through your arms, wrist and golf club to sling the ball to the target.”

“There are two LAG points in the golf swing swing. The first is created through the delaying of the golf club in the takeaway of the back swing. A great example of this was Jack Nicklaus. The primary source of the golf swing is in the hips and shoulders, as they load and rotate into the backswing the wrist “LAGS” the golf club back along the toe line for a straight takeaway. This lagging of the club in the takeaway is key to transitioning into the forward swing as the weight of the club “cocks” the wrist and sets the shaft angle to the target line, which is the second lag.”

LAG is important but be certain to keep a steady head like Nicklaus did.

- Bob Doyle

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