• Bob Doyle, President of Forever Better Golf, Inc.

The two reasons why the PRO-HEAD Trainer will improve your golf swing

Well known Golf Instructor Steve Bishop answers questions about “maintaining your spine angle” and “staying behind the ball.” Please notice the similarity between his tips and the two irrefutable aspects of the golf swing addressed by the PRO-HEAD Trainer.

Steve offers valuable information about the two spine angles formed by the golfer at address: 1. the angle formed by the forward bend or tilt from the base of the spine to the top of the head and a vertical line from the base of the spine extending upward. This conventional spine angle is seen by looking down the target line.

2. the angle of the spine as seen from a frontal view of the golfer. This second spine angle is 90 degrees from the first. It is the angle formed by extending a vertical line from the base of the spine upward and the line from the base of the spine through the golfer’s head.

Steve also offers an excellent explanation of “staying behind the ball.” We focus on keeping the head behind the ball through impact, while maintaining the same spine angles. His video shows why it is quite difficult (if not impossible) to do one without the other.

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