• Bob Doyle, President of Forever Better Golf, Inc.

"The PRO-HEAD® TRAINER has improved my swing."

It makes us just as proud as this “proud owner” to post the email he recently sent to us. We are not saying that exercising and swinging with the PRO-HEAD® TRAINER will groove every golfer’s swing, but it is a good way to get an early spring start after the winter layoff. Muscle memory takes time and the more repetitions the more rapid the development.

Hi Forever Better Golf,

I am a proud owner of a wall-mount model PRO-HEAD® TRAINER which is installed in my garage. I got the trainer so that I could keep my swing in tact over the dreary winter months here in Cincinnati. I then unexpectedly decided on arthroscopic surgery on my left knee in December, and thought my hopes for early Spring golf were unrealistic. Three weeks after surgery, and several rehab therapy visits later, the doctor said I could begin to swing a club. I began to use the PRO-HEAD Trainer extensively over the next few weeks to try to get my swing back in the groove.

I am an 18 handicapper, and usually the first time out in the new season I am happy to break 100. I recently took a weekend holiday in Florida just to get out of the snow here in Ohio, and got to play my first round in about 3 months. I played a course new to me which usually adds a few more strokes to my score. Was I happy when I parred the 410 yard 18th hole to give me an 89!! I have to think that my post-operative routine on the PRO-HEAD Trainer was a significant factor in my solid performance on this pre-season round!

Thank you Forever Better Golf!

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