Do you see the ball when you swing?

Golf experts agree that the two unarguable aspects of the golf swing that lead to missed or errant shots are:  


1.  NOT maintaining your spine angle  

2. NOT keeping your head behind the ball through impact.

If you are guilty of either or both of these swing faults, you will NOT be able to see the ball at impact because your head has probably come up and out of your shot. Consider if you will, trying to hit the head of a nail with a hammer and without looking at the head of the nail. 

These head movement and spine angle swing faults have become habits memorized by the golfer’s brain. Even young Jack Nicklaus developed a moving head habit that was cured by his Pro Jack Grout. As with all habits, they are difficult to break.  


Golf swing fault habits require tactile feedback to the brain with many repetitions of the new (head behind the ball through impact) swing. Grout provided this tactile feedback to 9 year old Nicklaus by grabbing him by his hair, holding tightly for 3 hours, making Nicklaus hit balls until young Jack cried.  Nicklaus broke his head bobbing habit and the rest is history.

The PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer (PH2T) offers a similar teaching technique as that offered by Pro Jack Grout... but without the hair holding pain. The PH2T can be used to gain tactile feedback and swing repetitions with or without using a club and with or without hitting balls; indoors or outdoors. As Martin Hall says: “the PH2T simply works for ALL golfers, ALL skill levels."