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PRO-HEAD 2 TRAINER® are patented products designed to maintain spine angles and keep golfers' heads behind the ball through impact.


We're committed to Forever Better Golf.

Keep a Steady Head and Maintain Your Golf Spine Angle

Here is an excellent article published in the Korea Times on Jan. 10, 2012 and written by Kim Jeong-kyoo

Tommy Armour emphasizes in “How to Play Your Best Golf All the Time” that, “The cardinal pri...

Building Muscle Memory For Golf

Today, it is extremely rare to hear or read about a professional golfer who did not start his or her game in their teens or earlier. Ben Hogan writes about how, as a youngster, he would hit balls each day while walking...

The best swings on the professional Tours have really good maintenance of spine angle. Here are a few of the recognized fine swings, to set a good example.

Sean O’Hair Swing

Here is a video of a pro golfer doing a great job of maintaining his spine ang...

Ten Minutes a Day Will Train You to Maintain Your Spine Angle and Keep a Steady Head For Golf

Golf experts tell us that to improve one’s swing, golfers must first gain a repeatable swing.  Golfers must learn to swing pretty much the same way with ever...


Golf historians have credited H.G. Farnie with the publication of the first ever golf instruction book in 1857 in Scotland. Since then, thousands of golf instructio...

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Golf Spine Angle and How to Acquire a Feel for It

Today, more than ever, a golfer can read, see photos, observe videos and hear from the pros and TV analysts, a great deal of information about the golf spin...

Much has been written and said about head movement and its role in the golf swing. This article offers a thorough video review of head movement during the swings of golfing greats, Palmer, Snead, Nicklaus, Woods, Mickelson and up and coming young gol...

Muscle Memory: What to Memorize

In another article, Bob Doyle pointed out that the golf swing is a quite unnatural and an extremely complex motion. The full motion is made up of many elements, such as the grip, the takeaway, the backswing, the swing p...

There is no doubt that learning golf at an early age, improves the chances that the golfer will excel.

Almost every golfer playing on today’s PGA and LPGA tours started learning golf at early ages. Tiger Woods first showed an interest in golf whe...

Experts Weigh In On Head Movement During The Golf Swing

A great deal has been written and verbalized about the movement of the head in the golf swing. Here are some written comments and/or observations from top golfers and from golf instructors.


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